Jay Deutsch on ASI's 2019 Power 50 List

Jay Deutsch on ASI's 2019 Power 50 List

November 7, 2019

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Power 50 2019

The definitive ranking of the most influential people in the promo products industry.

The concept of what makes someone "powerful" is such an esoteric, elusive thing to define. Is it merely enough to own or run a top company when you keep such a low profile that few people in the industry have met you, or know who you are? Or is it more akin to the members of this year's Power 50, a compilation of people – not companies, like the Top 40 lists which are based on sales – who are affecting change, driving innovation and boldly responding to market fluctuations in such a way that their collective leadership has propelled the industry's sales to a record $24.7 billion, beating the U.S. GDP growth for the last three years? We'd argue it's the latter.

Through peer voting, the submission of nominations by industry pros and ASI's editorial team researching each candidate's personal and professional achievements over the past year, Counselor's staff has compiled our 14th annual Power 50 list – a tally of the promo market's most notable movers and shakers. And reiterating the point that power, and those who wield it, can be an unpredictable thing, there are nine newcomers on this year's list, and for the first time, a woman is in the top spot. Powerful indeed.


2019 Power 50

#25: Jay Deutsch, BDA



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