Mission objective: connect with your audience

We unlock our gaming merchandise superpowers to create unique and collectible items that your audiences will cherish. From limited edition action figures to exclusive video game collectibles, our team is dedicated to bringing the essence of your gaming world into the hands of fans around the globe.

Engaging the gamers

Your fans are unlike any others, so we take great care in understanding the intricacies of how to best interact with them. We know that authenticity is key, so we do our research on your brand and all the various fandoms that you interact with. Our aim is to create gaming collectibles and merchandise that resonate deeply with your audience, making every item a must-have for their collection.

Bringing your world to the real world

You’ve worked tirelessly to create an elaborate world filled with intricate lore and stunning visuals. We take that world even further and create actual items that embody the spirit of your brand to the fullest.

Glitch-free execution

Everything from testing and quality assurance to speedy fulfillment and customer service is all within our realm. Rest assured that when we embark on this quest together, we’ll ensure that we reach our goals, delivering video game collectibles that surpass expectations.

Related Capabilities

At BDA, we harness a unique set of capabilities to bring your gaming universe into the tangible realm. Our expertise spans from Customer Experience Support, which ensures a seamless journey for your fans, to our DesignLab, where creativity meets gaming lore, and Brand Development strategies that elevate your game’s presence in the competitive market.

Related Solutions

Our solutions are crafted to make your game unforgettable, ensuring fans have more than just memories to cherish. From Product Design & Development that transforms virtual worlds into collectible treasures, to exclusive VIP & Influencer Gifting strategies that create buzz, and Customer Appreciation programs that build loyalty, we’re here to elevate your brand’s impact.


Gaming collectibles are unique, often limited edition items related to video games, such as action figures, art prints, and themed merchandise. They’re crucial for game branding as they extend the game’s presence into the physical world, creating tangible connections with fans and enhancing brand loyalty.

BDA leverages its DesignLab and Brand Development teams to meticulously research and design gaming collectibles that authentically represent the game’s universe. We focus on high-quality production and intricate details to ensure each collectible is something fans will treasure.

Absolutely. Gaming collectibles serve as both physical reminders of a game’s brand and as tools for engagement. They can be used in promotional campaigns, as influencer gifts, or as rewards in customer appreciation programs, effectively driving visibility and fostering a deeper emotional connection with the game.

Current trends include the integration of augmented reality with physical collectibles, limited edition releases, and collectibles that celebrate nostalgic elements from classic games. These trends cater to both a desire for innovation and a sense of nostalgia among gaming enthusiasts.