Print & Promo Marketing Ranks BDA 4th Among Leading Merchandise Distributors

December 22 2023

Despite facing challenging conditions in 2021, the promotional product industry has rebounded and brought with it numerous success stories. Print & Promo Marketing has released a list of its top 75 distributors for 2023, all of which reported revenue increases. As some of these distributors have achieved growth of over 50%, the unprecedented and incredible upward trajectory of the industry cannot be understated.

In this groundbreaking landscape of accomplishment, BDA has been recognized as the
4th top distributor with a revenue approaching the half-billion-dollar mark. This achievement in
the ranking is a testament to the company’s strong commitment to excellence in all aspects of its business. To be a contender in such a flourishing industry requires a unique strategy for continued success, and BDA has proven itself capable of adapting and innovating when necessary. As the thriving promotional sector reaches new heights of revenue, BDA continues to be a dynamic force in the field and will fervently strive to join the one-billion-dollar rankings.

Original story published in Print and Promo Marketing.
The Print & Promo Marketing 2023 Top Distributors List, Free Print & Promo Marketing Guide