Collection CREATION

Perfectly Curated Assortments

We drive impact within collections through the consideration of collaborations, white-labeled lines, brand names, and everything in-between.

Our process

Embodying a brand through thoughtful merchandising and collection creation is a blend of art and science. BDA uses historical data, performance data across programs, and extensive trend and demographic research to inform product selection and category mix.

Bringing the BDA magic to your brand

Collection creation is not one-size-fits-all and your unique brand deserves to be represented as such. Let BDA make it easy by leveraging more than two decades of experience designing assortments that sell-through, sell-out, and keep customers and employees excited to see what comes out next.

From strategy to sales

Maybe you have a collection in mind. Or maybe you are starting from scratch. No matter your place in the process, our experts at BDA can bring you to the finish line. From initial trend insights and analysis all the way through decoration exploration and shipment, we have the tools to make it happen.

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