Uniforms & Branded Apparel

Comfortable Employees,  Very Happy Customers

Creating apparel that people love is both an art and a science. We’ll produce uniforms that enable employees to be comfortable and professional along with garments customers consistently reach for, and all will be done at the highest level.

We Combine form
and function

Our pieces must look good and wear even better, so we make sure of that. Our skilled design teams work together with our manufacturers to ensure that every stitch is executed with perfection. No matter what their industry is, we deliver the right amount of comfort to your employees by making sure to source the appropriate materials for the project.

Instilling pride in your brand

Whether we are designing for your employees or your customers, we want everyone to feel comfortable and proud about wearing a piece of your branded merchandise. To make sure we are always putting your brand’s most fashionable foot forward, our teams attend trade shows, work with trend forecasters, and collaborate with fabric mills.

It’s Done and delivered

After proceeding through our extensive design process, quality assurance, safety checks, and field testing, we will ensure that the finished product arrives as promised. Our far-reaching logistics network works hard to deliver your merchandise to employees and fans across the country and all around the globe. 

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