Custom Apparel Design

Standing out from the crowd

You deserve merchandise that fully embodies your brand. Our custom apparel design team stands at the ready to craft on-trend garments that meet your specifications and requirements.

Look to the future

The future inspires our designers. With our finger on the pulse of the latest design trends, we are always looking
for ways
to bring your brand to the forefront. Custom apparel collections help cement your brand as a leader and not a follower.

The key is Creative sourcing 

Our extensive network of domestic and international suppliers can provide exclusive access to a comprehensive array of materials and finishes. If your ideal fabric does not yet exist, our fabric mill partners will work with us to create exactly what you envision.

We have a critical eye for colour

Your branding is everything. Our job is to ensure your guidelines are respected and followed. We use lab dips and extensive lighting tests to ensure that we can replicate your brand colour exactly and create that all-important perfect match.

Every detail inspected 

With decades of experience in this exact field, our design teams ensure that no detail is overlooked. They bring your vision to life by taking your project from sketches and tech packs to model fittings and final production. In addition, every aspect from fabric quality to the shoulder slope and zipper pull design is thoughtfully and thoroughly accounted for.

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