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Seattle Merch Agency BDA Signs Licensing Deal with Zamboni Company

November 23, 2021

Published in Sports Business Journal



Seattle-based merchandise agency Bensussen Deutsch & Associates has inked a three-year promotional licensing deal with the Zamboni Company, a manufacturer of ice resurfacing equipment. No specifics on financials or details about the deal's economic framework could be provided. "How do we bring the Zamboni brand to life," said BDA co-Founder & CEO Jay Deutsch. "Now, how do we make that very specific to the team and make it an incredible opportunity for the Zamboni to get into fans' hands? ... We look holistically across the promotional and premium market, and then we tailor promotions for the specific teams and sponsors." BDA can leverage the Zamboni licensing rights across all 32 NHL clubs and 31 AHL teams, among other organizations which use Zamboni. Examples of Zamboni promotional items could range anywhere from a Zamboni diecast toy and apparel featuring the more than 70-year-old brand to a poster with a picture of a Zamboni on the ice. "We have our full range of opportunities to utilize the license in order to meet the needs of the teams and sponsors," said Deutsch, who also owns a minority stake in the NHL expansion Kraken.

GOING LOCAL: The licensing opportunity for BDA will be predominantly leveraged in the local market, according to Deutsch. That could include in-stadium giveaways, available promotional merchandise at a team's practice facility and possibly a retail component, which would typically be tied to a Zamboni sponsor, he said. "Licensing is not our primary business," said Zamboni Brand Manager Paula Coony. "We need to focus on manufacturing Zamboni products and supporting our end users. We have worked with a number of individual NHL teams for one-off deals, but working with BDA will let Zamboni collaborate with another industry leader." BDA, which Deutsch founded in '84 when he was 16, is also a licensee for the Disney movie franchise Marvel and its tie-ins to promotional themed nights within the sports industry. The agency has also worked with other brands such as Ford, Mercedes, Kenworth and Peterbilt, to name a few.


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