Corporate Social Responsibility

What lasting impact can
BDA make in the world?

We're determined to do our part to help tackle some of the globe's biggest issues by empowering our team to find solutions that spur positive change.

Single-use plastics elimination program

At BDA, we give a sip. Recognizing the urgent need to reduce waste, BDA has removed single-use plastics, such as plastic water bottles and utensils, from our corporate offices. We provide each employee with their own personal water bottle and have switched all plastic cutlery for sustainable options in every lunch and break room to usher in our plastics elimination program.

These tiny steps add up to a significant impact while creating a culture of sustainability and conservation across BDA.

Sourcing Eco Materials

BDA is proud to source sustainable and eco-friendly merchandise options for all clients.

Whether it's a need for biodegradable products, antibacterial products, PPE products, or recycled apparel from unused fabric, the resourcefulness and creativity of the BDA team enables brands to showcase their commitment to eco-friendliness with unique branding and customization to fit any budget.

Day of Difference Volunteer Initiative

Giving back to our communities is a core part of what makes the BDA team. Our annual Day of Difference is dedicated to serving the local community through charity work and giving, enabling our employees to give back to the city we call home.

BDA employees have volunteered at and donated to One Love Foundation, Equal Justice Initiative, American Red Cross, Redeeming Soles, Boys & Girls Club, YMCA, Farestart, Mary's Place, Seattle Union Gospel Mission, Seattle Animal Shelter, Rainier Food Bank, Seattle Children's Hospital, Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish, and many more.

BDA Cares Foundation

The mission of the BDA Cares Foundation is to develop partnerships and programs with fellow nonprofits that share our commitment to ending domestic violence and finding a cure for ovarian cancer.

Founded in 2011, BDA Cares Foundation has raised more than $1.4M for these efforts and for charities committed to helping those in need.


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