Game On – BDA Announces Sale of PowerA to ACCO Brands

November 11 2020

BDA this week announced the sale of its 11-year old gaming division to ACCO Brands Corporation, one of the world’s largest designers, marketers and manufacturers of branded academic, consumer and business products. The full PowerA team – including current president Eric Bensussen – will continue to lead efforts in Woodinville, joining forces with ACCO Brand’s global footprint to fuel the PowerA brand and accelerate the rapid growth and product adoption across the console, mobile and PC gaming space.

“Time flies when you’re having fun and building a company that’s all about fun,” Bensussen said. “It’s incredibly rewarding to see the overwhelming love gamers have for our products, and the continued support of our retailer and licensor partners, including some of the largest gaming companies in the world. All of this is made possible by the PowerA crew’s passion, creativity, and complete immersion into the expanding gaming universe. PowerA will be in good company as part of ACCO Brands where it will maintain its pace of expansion as the gaming market continues its hypergrowth across all platforms, including mobile and cloud.”

Launched in 2009, PowerA seized an opportunity to create exceptionally designed products and accessories that delight gamers and seamlessly enhance the gaming experience offered by global brands like Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft.

“PowerA is a great example of where we saw an opportunity to take gaming accessories to a new level and grow an audience of passionate fans. Eric and the entire PowerA team have done an amazing job, and I know along with the terrific team at ACCO Brands, the best days of the PowerA brand are yet to come,” said Jay Deutsch, co-founder and CEO of BDA.

During COVID, console gaming has expanded tremendously across the globe, only strengthening PowerA’s decade-plus long partnerships with leading gaming platforms and title partners. At the same time, ACCO Brands continued to aggressively shift toward consumer brands. So while BDA has never divested or sold any piece of the company in its 37 years, PowerA’s growth, success and footprint in the gaming world was a logical fit for ACCO Brands’ strategy. The fact ACCO Brands’ philosophy to delight customers was identical to BDA’s made it a perfect partner to grow PowerA’s impact in the gaming world through ACCO Brands’ global reach and a great time to sell.

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