BDA Cares Foundation is in for All in Seattle

April 8 2020

This is an unprecedented time for our community. Our great city remains one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 outbreak, and the impact has been devastating. As a native Seattle resident, it breaks my heart to see businesses shutting down, restaurants closing, hardworking people losing their jobs and their loved ones. Eric and I started BDA here in 1984, raised our families here, and have been so fortunate to work with astonishingly smart and kind business leaders from every major industry in the Pacific Northwest.

It’s easy to feel helpless through all this uncertainty but if any city can come together as one and help lift each other up, it’s Seattle. That’s why we’re proud to contribute to All in Seattle, an incredible initiative that will provide aid to those in our community in financial need as a result of COVID-19. Every donation made to All in Seattle will go to nonprofits supporting the Seattle families, small businesses and workers most impacted by this pandemic. BDA’s donation will support Food Lifeline and the estimated 640,000 Washington State residents in need of emergency food assistance.

In just over two weeks, the Seattle community has rallied to donate more than $30 million to this amazing cause. We are all in, and we ask you to join us in this fight. The number of families and businesses hit by COVID-19 is growing, and they need immediate help. For that to happen, we’re asking everyone if you’re able to help, do what you can to help support our city and the beautiful people that make it home.

People need help now. The time to act is now. Please join us in going all in to support our neighbors in need.

Eric & Jay