Supply Chain Management

Domestic and Global Partnerships to Ensure Success

Our Supply Chain consists of a deep network of highly vetted manufacturers, high-end brands, decorators, and innovative factories that allows us to leverage our supply chain with top industry volume for the greatest cost savings, inventory management, innovations, and performance/service.

Domestic Supply Chain

Our supplier partners and BDA supply chain consultants align with account teams to ensure all products meet the required standards for use. If there’s ever a hiccup with our domestic suppliers, we tackle it quickly to keep things running smoothly for you. We also have a proprietary in-house tool that double-checks quality before your items even arrive at our warehouse.

Global Supply Chain 

BDA fully owns the product and import process from ideation, design, material choices, tech pack development, and determination of testing requirements through factory selection, audits, in-line inspections, and logistics management.

Suppliers you can trust

We actively manage supply chain risks with detailed evaluations and a comprehensive supplier diversity program. Our commitment to you includes constant enhancements, third party testing, and factory assessments, ensuring we meet your needs through continuous qualification, verification, and feedback.

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