Brand Protection

Trusted Stewards of Your Brand

After your people, your brand is your most important asset. A brand’s success, recognizability, and ability to build consumer affinity depends on its consistent delivery across touch points. As such, BDA understands how crucial a brand’s approval process can be.

Brand Immersion & Training

We immerse our leaders in your league, team, and sponsor brands, ensuring our teams are well-versed in your identity. Regular training for our designers and mandatory orientation for new associates guarantees compliance with your brand standards. Our master brand library and ongoing approval training further solidify our alignment with your brand’s vision.

Brand Alignment

Every sample undergoes detailed scrutiny to accurately reflect your brand’s identity, trademarks, and unique personal touches. We prioritize color accuracy with client-approved methods and enforce stringent quality and brand adherence checks. Our thorough QA/QC processes in warehousing and customized marketplace controls across sales channels ensure your brand’s integrity is upheld.

Brand Consistency

We carefully handle QA/QC and adapt marketplace strategies across sales channels to make sure your brand is represented just right, everywhere it’s seen.

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