Technology Does Not Rest

At , neither do we.

We’re a lean mean merch machine.

BDA Tech is powered by the all-in-one BDA Merchandise Agency Model. We eat, sleep and breathe our client's brands, projects and values to continuously raise the bar of performance. While this business is about creativity and innovation, it's also about relationships and commitment and we'll go to the end of the earth to deliver for our clients, 24/7/365.

branded merchandise

It’s part art and science and a bit of magic.

We are a trusted partner because we understand the unique needs of our technology clients and how to use branded merchandise to drive results. We apply speed, flexibility, creativity and technology solutions to help brands launch products, engage users, increase sales, promote awareness and create brand ambassadors.

Global Brand Merchandise

Amplify your brand.

Our portfolio of sports, entertainment, sponsorships, licensed properties, and exclusive product and service offerings provides our technology clients with a broad platform to connect all their brand touchpoints. And, our ability to engage people across their wide range of interests and roles makes BDA Tech a uniquely qualified brand partner.

promotional event

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Our designers, merchandisers, marketers and project managers work together as an agile and trusted member of the client’s team and at the speed of the fast-paced tech industry. We follow consumer, marketing and tech trends and combine them with high quality custom merchandise, creativity, tech platforms and in-house capabilities that power some of the largest e-commerce stores, user conferences, direct marketing campaigns and sponsorship activations.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

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