NFL | Super Bowl Jacket | Uniform Programs

December 20 2023

We start 18 months in advance of Super Bowl and start with trends in
color/silhouette/material. Partnering with the NFL Creative team we always want to work in harmony to
their overall creative vision for Super Bowl. From there we all work together to design the final concept
and choose color, fabric and finishes.

It’s a truly collaborative process between BDA and the NFL that include weekly meetings (both internal
and external) to create designs, fabrics, colors, patterns. The team works directly with factories to bring
the design to life through color and fabric. we take prototypes and review in detail everything form size
and fit to shape of buttons, color of zipper, size of seams.
Between our internal BDA team and the NFL it is one team, one project with a collective goal of
producing the best jacket and design to represent the event.

Over 10,000 uniforms were distributed onsite in 2 weeks to over 45 different partners.