The Power of Merchandise is mighty.

We offer what TV, print and digital can’t. A tangible ad vehicle with staying power.

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Cost effective? Bank on it.

We don’t have a magic 8 ball that tells you how to maximize the return on your advertising spend. But we can tell you how branded merchandise stacks up against other forms of advertising. It’s proven to deliver a lower cost per impression than prime-time television ads, national magazine ads and newspaper ads. And if you’d like us to create a custom magic 8 ball, we can do that, too.


Low Cost
Likeability that’s off the charts.

No surprise here: People enjoy receiving gifts. If you give them something they’ll use, wear or display, that positive experience can shape brand perception and even purchase behavior. In fact, more consumers have a greater positive reaction to branded merchandise than any other ad medium. It sure feels good to be liked so much.

Positive Consumer Reactions
In it for the long haul.

TV commercial? Fast-forward or tune out. Print ad? Turn the page. YouTube pre-roll? Skip it. Web banner? Keep scrolling. It’s just that easy for your customers to forget or flat out avoid most types of advertising. Branded merchandise, however, has serious staying power. Eight months is the average length of time consumers save a piece of branded merchandise, and the more useful or appealing they find it, the more likely it sticks around.

Brand Merchandise

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