Millennials - A Modern Marketing Mystery

May 23, 2018


Harnessing the Attention Span of a Generation

Marketing to Millennials

Lately, millennials seem to be the target of nearly every major campaign brands roll out. It’s no wonder: The group, which includes more than 25% of the population, is expected to spend more than $200 billion annually starting in 2017 and $10 trillion in their lifetime. When you look at these numbers, it’s easy to see why brands are chomping at the bit to herd them into the sales funnel. So, how can brands best reach millennials?

Today’s millennial consumers are exposed to an expanding, fragmented array of touch points; however, it’s becoming obvious that millennials are inadvertently trained from birth to be blind to advertising. Attention spans are shorter in the digital age, and make creating a touch point through traditional advertising nearly impossible. Maybe it’s time to think outside the box…

In the world of gold-fish attention spans, using branded merchandise may be your best bet. Studies have found promotional products are better received by customers and prompt better messaging recall than any other form of advertising. For example, when you bring millennials into a space and offer a piece of your culture with branded merchandise, you create more than a one-time customer. This loyalty achieved through a meaningful engagement can open new doors…a LOT of doors. Ninety-two percent of millennials are open to receiving a personalized email offer, coupon or loyalty reward from a brand following an event where they received promotional merchandise.

How do you get them to your event, you ask? Content and connections are a huge motivator. When asked why millennials chose to attend an event, the top four responses were: great entertainment, exciting people, free food and unique branded merchandise. When it came to making a lasting impression, the biggest reason millennials remembered the event was because of the items they took home with them.

Be warned though, not every item is a guaranteed win. When asked about their favorite branded merchandise from events, millennials responded with things like Beats ear buds, Spotify subscriptions for a year, a bottle opener that yodeled when opening a beer, a polaroid camera with film and even a jar of artisanal butter. Among millennials, 48% said they kept branded merchandises because the design fit their style and/or personality. Making an impact on millennials is about knowing them and providing long-lasting, meaningful merchandise that can become a part of their life.

This is why BDA focuses on consumer research and quality items that people will want to keep. We want to ensure your logo skirts the trash and stays in millennials’ lives for years to come.





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