The 2016 Top 50 Distributors: No. 3, BDA LLC

May 24, 2016

By Amanda L. Snyder
Promo Marketing Magazine

Each year, Promo Marketing provides the definitive ranking of the Top 50 Distributors in the promotional products industry. For the next two weeks, we will be counting down the top 10 distributors of 2016 with exclusive interviews featuring the CEOs, presidents and owners of each company. Check back each day for more updates on the biggest companies in the industry. The full Promo Marketing 2016 Top 50 Distributors list will be published on Tuesday, May 30 and in our May issue.

No. 3: BDA
Answers provided by Jay Deutsch, CEO and co-founder of BDA.

Promo Marketing: What goals do you have for your business for 2016 and beyond?
Jay Deutsch: BDA is focused on significant growth in 2016 and we’re always thinking big. We continue to drive innovation and appreciation for the power of merchandise. BDA aspires to teach the world about the emotion of our medium. Concurrently, we continue to look for opportunities to expand our relevance in new business channels, both domestically and internationally. Finally, we are looking to hire new talented associates around the globe. BDA continues to attract and retain top talent from across the United States, but has a focused eye on moving into new markets abroad.

PM: Besides sales numbers, what makes your company a Top Distributor?
JD: We partner with clients who truly invest in their brands and value our agency services. We never settle and we choose partners with the same aspired excellence. We’ve also got the best people in the business. Our people are always pushing the boundaries when it comes to creativity and innovation for our clients.

PM: What challenges do distributors face in the promotional products industry? How can they solve them?
JD: Now more than ever we are all feeling the effects of the global economy. Currency fluctuations, sourcing, social responsibility, product safety and environmental challenges force distributors to continuously evolve and reinvent. Additionally, we are remaining nimble and adaptive to our customers’ needs as diligent stewards of their brands. Adherence to quality and safety should be a top priority for all of us, and supplier accreditation from organizations, like the Quality Certification Alliance (QCA), are of the utmost importance to distributors as we navigate the global marketplace.

Original published in Promo Marketing Magazine.



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