Going Global with New BDA Procurement Exec

August 15, 2018

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New Hire Announcement

Name: David Velasquez – Sr. Director of Global Procurement

Bio: With global expansion showing no sign of slowing down, BDA is adding David Velasquez as its first-ever Sr. Director of Global Procurement. David brings decades of procurement expertise to the team, drawing on his leadership experience at Washington Mutual, ONYX Software and a high-tech aerospace manufacturing firm. Most recently, David led a procurement team at Expedia and managed several major global strategic services that supported HR, Real Estate, Professional Services and Finance over the last 10 years.

What You Bring to the Team:
BDA has never had this role before, so I see an opportunity to bring procurement and workflow management with thought leadership to the company. I'm a straightforward thinker who will draw on my experience, including managing global procurement teams.

Why BDA?
I was impressed by BDA's talent and very focused team. Compared to my experience at larger companies where the entrepreneurial spirit is lost, it feels like a leader at BDA could make a big impact to all corners of the company.

What Do You Hope to Accomplish in Your New Role?
I love that BDA has the entrepreneurial spirit as part their DNA. In my new role, I hope to help foster and harness it by putting processes in place so BDA can scale globally, improve consistency and meet new sales goals. What BDA does, creating custom branded merchandise unique to every client, requires significant logistics and supply-chain optimization behind the scenes. By implementing scalable solutions, I hope to help BDA improve transparency between teams and other organizations and handle challenges, like last-minute orders and trademark requirements seamlessly.

Hidden Talent:
I have 9-year-old twins, a boy and a girl, who are playing little league right now. Their coach asked me to volunteer as an umpire recently and I seem to have a knack for it. Now, I am one of the league's regular umpires.

Childhood Nickname:
Diamond Dave. According to friends and family, I was a bit of a smart ass growing up. They always said I had a sharp tongue – always with a quick comment.

When You're Not Pinch-Hitting at BDA:
My wife and I are avid wine tasters. We have a goal to visit every vineyard in Washington (there are over 1,000) before moving on down the coast to Oregon and California. Fun fact, my kids have been visiting vineyards with us since they were just 30 days old. Their little vineyard passports currently have 373 unique stamps.

What Would Jay Say About You?
"David is not afraid to speak his mind and does what needs to get done, especially when it comes to customer needs and goals."

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