Cindy Jorgenson

Get to Know BDA's Thrill-Seeking Senior Director of Client Services

February 20, 2019

Published in SGR Magazine
By Rachel Ramirez

Who I Am

Cindy Jorgenson

Beyond her work and successes, Cindy Jorgenson, 42, senior director of client services for BDA and Counselor's 2014 Woman of Distinction, is an adventure junkie who swam with sharks and trekked Mt. Kilimanjaro. Get to know more about her by reading about her challenges, interests, career advice, favorite promotional products and more.

SGR: What does an average day look like for you? What are your main responsibilities?
Cindy Jorgenson: I oversee a handful of BDA accounts, so the account team rolls up to me whenever they have questions. I focus on strategy and driving the team to get proactive and creative. I work really hard with our clients to reach their goals. My average day varies: I could be with clients strategizing, I could be with my team, I could be with suppliers, or I could be developing solutions or rushing orders. I don’t think I have an average day ever.  

SGR: What drew you to the industry?
CJ: I was recruited, actually. I was an assistant at a direct-mail company, and the salesperson I worked for just randomly called me. I started as an entry-level admin and got hooked on the industry. The products are phenomenal, and it’s fun to be creative. People get excited about branded merch. It’s really fun to watch television or randomly search through social media and see one of the products you designed in the hands of a consumer.

SGR: What has been your biggest success?
CJ: It would just be my career trajectory in general. When I say entry level, I was data processing entry orders. I was 21 years old doing data entry. Every keystroke, the more money they would pay me. Fast forward to now, I'm working for arguably the largest company in the industry with really cool brands.

SGR: What has been your biggest challenge?
CJ: Prior to BDA, I worked for a traditional business distributor's model. I had fewer resources and I didn't have a big team. It was difficult. With BDA, however, we have a large team. Full disclosure: I'm a control freak. There are some really smart people here, and I can tap into them. Coming from a more traditional distributor, it's a big shift. 

SGR: What are your hobbies/interests? What's something unique that many people don't know about you?
CJ: My hobby is adventure travel. I've gone scuba diving, explored jungles, swam with megafauna – whales, whale sharks, mantas and even sharks. I also go mountain climbing; I've summited Mt. Kilimanjaro and much more.

SGR: What have you learned from BDA?
CJ: I think the biggest thing I learned is the power created when a collection of highly talented people work toward a common goal. BDA is really great at hiring smart people, and when you're in a room surrounded by all of that massive creativity, knowledge and experience, we will make mistakes, but what we can accomplish with this spirit and amazing pool of talent is really cool. Smaller distributors can sometimes be shortsighted when they move people around and put them into positions they might not be qualified for. BDA is really good at putting the perfect person in the perfect position. 


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