Why New Business Development Director is a 'Catch'

August 24, 2017

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New Hire Announcement

Name: Dan Robinette

Dan Robinette

Bio:  A Midwest native and former Iowa State University football player, Dan comes to BDA with experience in sales, distribution, and Fortune 500 client relationship management. His proven track record for increasing revenue and market share was developed during an 18-year tenure at Harland and a 13-year stay at KDA Holdings, serving as VP of Sales at both. Most recently, Dan worked as VP of Business Development at Summit Group. His love for sports – and BDA – brings him to Seattle from Atlanta to become BDA’s Senior Director, New Business Development.

What You Bring to the Team: I’ve always been in sales or new biz development in some way, so I know I’ll bring a lot of expertise to BDA. I’d also say I’m a strategist with a hunter mentality. There are lots of new business opportunities out there ripe for BDA. I’m looking forward to capitalizing on these possibilities. 

Why BDA? I actually hunted down Jay to be part of the team (story below)! I’ve worked in this space for a long time and have always been attracted to BDA’s product suite and enthusiasm. Whenever I had to compete with them for new business at my former companies, it was always an ‘Oh, crap!’ moment because they are truly at the top of the game. It’s exciting to be with a company that has so much growth potential. 

What Do You Hope to Accomplish in Your New Role? Based on what’s happening in industry, I think BDA is ready to knock it out of park. I plan to tell the BDA story to as many companies as possible, build relationships and bring in new business. I’m hoping to keep Jay smiling and have some fun along the way.

Hidden Talent: I’m a grill master and a wannabe chef. If it can be cooked on the grill, I’ve got it. Anything in the kitchen is a work in progress. Of course, a glass of wine during the grilling process helps to get the creative juices flowing. 

Childhood Nickname: My nickname was Hands! The reason being I was a receiver on my high school and college football teams.

Coffee or Tea: Coffee

When You’re Not Pinch-Hitting at BDA: I love being outdoors hiking, biking or golfing. I’m not a great golfer, but I enjoy it. My wife and I also enjoy hanging out on the deck and checking out new places and restaurants. We’re looking forward to exploring Washington!

What Would Jay Say About You? Jay would say I was very tenacious. I wanted to work here, so I did my research and found out Jay was a sports guy. I printed my resume on a baseball and put it in this awesome, old, beat up baseball glove I had. Then I mailed both to Jay with a note saying I’d be a great ‘catch’ for BDA. Jay responded, “How old is this glove?” I said, “Much older than you or me, and if we don’t go to the next step in this hiring process, I want the glove back!” I think I finally wore him down and the rest is history.


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