BDA Announces Significant Fulfillment Center Upgrade

February 3 2020

BDA’s Midwest Fulfillment Center (MFC) is getting an upgrade! In February 2020, BDA will roll out its latest initiative to drive client value through a significant investment in warehouse management, inventory management and fulfillment technology.

To improve speed, scalability and visibility of order operations, inventory management and value-added services, BDA will be upgrading its fulfillment software to Manhattan Associates Scale warehouse management system (WMS). This technology investment promises to drive significant process and efficiency improvements in how BDA manages eCommerce orders, inventory and the entire operation of its MFC.

“The launch of Manhattan Associates warehouse management system will profoundly change the way we manage almost every aspect of our fulfillment business,” said Rob Martin, COO at BDA. “Working with the premier WMS solution in the world further positions us to deliver the highest possible value to our clients, while optimizing our internal operations.”

The BDA team of logistics, warehouse management and fulfillment experts have been working together with the team from Manhattan Associates since January of 2019 to prepare for this implementation.