Starbucks Bearista Bears

Bearista Bears Bring Local Flair to Global Starbucks Stores

July 9, 2019


Having worked with Starbucks' team for more than 15 years on a variety of merchandise initiatives, BDA has become a trusted Starbucks partner overseeing campaigns that touch all aspects of business. In 2018, Starbucks enlisted BDA to create and execute a marketing campaign that expanded the company's brand loyalty in targeted international locations. BDA worked with Starbucks to create a streamlined design and creative process to develop a product that fits into Starbucks' coffee centric culture.

This collaborative process resulted in the Starbucks' Bearista Bears collection—small, stuffed bears dressed in authentic, decorative clothing specific to each targeted geographic market. The campaign's purpose is to build a collectable product line to help drive foot traffic; increase ancillary sales; provide global insight; and generate awareness with the next generation of Starbucks' consumers. These limited-edition collectibles draw in younger markets and set them up to be customers for life. 


(Left: Hanbok Bearista bears, South Korea; Right: Cherry Blossom Bear)

While BDA has worked with Starbucks to launch this collection in Asian, US and Canadian markets in previous years, Starbucks tasked BDA with breaking into five key markets in 2018—Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia and Japan. To achieve this, BDA delivered a variety of unique, trendy and quality Bearista Bear lines for this campaign, which included a Cherry Blossom Bear, a special edition Philippines Bear in traditional garments, a Dim Sum Bear for Starbuck's Hong Kong market, an authentic Japan Kimono Bear and even expanded to offer mini bears for select designs.


(Left: Dim Sum Bear, Hong Kong; Right: Kimono Bearista Bears, Japan)

From concept to delivery, Starbucks trusted BDA—as the campaign's sole vendor— to produce merchandise that met safety standards, abided by customs laws and captured the attention of a diverse set of markets. As a result of this partnership, BDA has launched 21 new bear lines for 2018—equating to at least two bears in each key geography.




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