We don’t take the “agency” title lightly.

If we seem a tad protective of the Merchandise Agency™ model, it’s probably because we invented it.

Creative Department

Creativity & Innovation

Creativity isn’t confined to the “creative” team. It extends to our product development, import and sourcing, account management and IT departments, which continually explore unique ways to help our clients achieve their objectives through we’d-have-never-thought-of-that solutions. Our innovation shines through in our custom product and packaging designs, product photography and illustration, sustainable product solutions and turnkey e-commerce sites. And it all happens in house.

Delivering a Satisfying Experience

Customer Service

Every customer interaction is an opportunity. Our goal is to ensure it’s a positive and successful experience, whether that interaction is placing an order online, speaking with a call center associate or working on a rush project with the account team. We continually measure customer satisfaction and Voice of the Customer via surveys, service level agreements, quarterly business reviews and other methods. Then we show you what good listeners we are by putting your feedback into practice.

Global Sourcing

Supply Chain Management

Controlling costs and promoting efficiency throughout the supply chain means identifying partners we can trust. We manage a diverse sourcing network of domestic suppliers and international factories. And, we took the lead role in establishing the Quality Certification Alliance which verifies product safety standards including social, environmental and CTPAT compliance. In the end, it all adds up to better, safer products at a better cost for you.

On-Time Delivery

Fulfillment & Distribution

Perfect product, on-time delivery, fantastic service, every time — guaranteed. It’s the standard we hold ourselves accountable to with every order. We’re specially-certified to expedite imports through U.S. Customs. Also, we operate three North American distribution centers and we’re able to lock in the lowest possible domestic and international shipping rates. Wanna talk speed? We process client orders upon receipt and 75% of all orders ship within 24 hours. By perfecting how we pick, pack, ship and track, we make you look good.

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